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Yeast Cultures

Product: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
Saccharomyces uvarum)
Description: A liquid suspension of yeast grown in a sterile malt based nutrient enriched medium.
Direct Pitch Rate: Ale & Wheat Beers with gravity <16°P: 0.5 liters per barrel
Ale & Wheat Beers with gravity >16°P: 1.0 liter per barrel
Lager with gravity <16°P: 1.0 liter per barrel
Lager with gravity >16°P: 2.0 liters per barrel
Propagation Rate: Ale & Wheat Beers: 1.0 liter per barrel
Lager: 2.0 liters per barrel
Fermentation Temps: Ale: 64°F to 85°F depending on strain
Lager: 46°F to 58°F depending on strain
Typical Analysis: Viable cells at packaging: 1.2 x 109 cells/ml
Total bacteria: <1.0 cfu/ml
Wild yeast & mold: <1.0 cfu/ml
Stability: Best when used fresh; use within 7 days of receipt.
Packaging:  Variety of containers to maximize volume.

Wyeast welcomes you to call our technical staff of experienced brewers & microbiologists to share their expertise with strain selection. They will personally assist you with direct pitch or propagation recommendations for strain & style as well as yeast management in your brew house.

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