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Laboratory Services

Microbial Analysis

Microbial stability is essential for production of consistent beer. Wyeast Laboratories can be your quality control laboratory to analyze your beer at any point of your process in order to isolate infection points or to check the stability of your yeast culture. Whatever your quality control needs, we can help.

Providing samples: we will provide sterile whirl pack bags for beer samples. Wort and yeast samples should be shipped double-bagged in plastic in case of breakage or leaking, and packaged with ice. If you have questions about our Laboratory Services, please call our Technical Services department at 1-888-WYEAST1. Ship samples to: Wyeast Laboratories, 3760 Eagle Loop, Hood River, OR 97031 via next-day FEDEX or UPS.; or mail to: Box 146, Odell, OR 97044.

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