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Wyeast Laboratory Services

Microbiological Analysis

Microbial stability is essential for production of consistent wine. Wyeast Laboratories Inc. can be your quality control laboratory to analyze your beer at any point of your process. Whether it involves isolating critical points in your process or checking the stability of your yeast culture or wine, we can help.

Proprietary Strain Archiving

Wyeast Laboratories Inc. provides custom yeast strain analysis and archiving to ensure consistency and quality of your unique products. We are pleased to offer our customers the same rigorous quality control and scientific standards for your strain that we apply to our library of cultures.

After providing Wyeast with a sample for plating and evaluation, the isolated and purified culture is maintained in our cryogenic yeast bank. Pitchable volumes for any size system can be available for shipping with approximately two weeks lead time. The organism remains under the ownership of the client, and will not be used, given, or sold to any other party without the expressed written permission of the client. The strain ID and nature of the organism also remains proprietary and confidential information.

Please contact us for fee schedules and further information about this valuable service.  Phone: 541-354-1335, Toll Free Phone: 888-Wyeast-1(993-2781). Technical Services:

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