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Wyeast Laboratory Services

Wyeast Laboratories offers a wide variety of laboratory services to help Vintners with all of their microbiological and chemical analysis needs. Call for current and future offerings.

Microbiological Analysis

Microbial stability is essential for production of consistent wine. Quite often it is not feasible to set up your own Quality Control laboratory. Wyeast Laboratories can act as your Quality Control laboratory to test any point of your process to isolate infection points or to check the stability of your culture. Whatever your Quality Control needs are, we can help.


Wine, must and yeast samples should be shipped in full-capped container. They should be double bagged in plastic in case of breakage. Samples should be well packed and sent by FEDEX or UPS. Foam, carbon dioxide, and clarity analysis require duplicate samples. If you have any questions about our Lab Services, please give us a call at 541-354-1335.

Custom Strain Archiving and Analysis

Many Wineries have yeast strains that are unique and essential to production of a superior product. Wyeast Laboratories offers custom yeast strain archiving and analysis to protect the consistency and quality of your products.

Wyeast Laboratories provides a complete purity and fermentation analysis of your custom culture. The culture is plated for wild yeast, bacteria, and mold as well as strain stability. If multiple strains of Saccharomyces species are present, each strain is isolated and analyzed for fermentation characteristics. The analysis of each individual strain is used to choose the primary culture.

The isolated and purified culture is maintained in Wyeast Laboratories’ yeast bank. The strain is available to be ordered from at any time. Pitchable volumes of yeast for any size system are available with a two week lead time.

The custom yeast strain is maintained with complete confidentiality. No other customer may order the custom yeast strain and no information will be released about the custom yeast strain without written permission by the client.

Wyeast Laboratories charges a one time archiving and analysis fee. As well as an annual maintenance fee that is waived with a minimum annual purchase. Please contact us for more information about this valuable service. 

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