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Wyeast has provided the Winemaking Industry with the most extensive selection of Pure Liquid Yeast and Malo-lactic cultures for the past 15 years. Our Vitners' Choice line provides a full range of yeast strains and malo-lactic cultures to fit your winemaking needs.  And, we are continually researching new yeast strains and malo-lactic cultures to add to our collection.

Our staff of microbiologists are here to provide our winemaking customers with technical support, management of yeast and malo-lactic cultures and assistance with strain selection.  We offer custom yeast strain archiving and propagation to volumes needed by the individual.

We guarentee the purity and freshness of all our fermentaion cultures.  Orders are not in transit for more than 1 or 2 days, so they arrive cool and fresh at your door. Please look over the information on the following pages. It is our goal to satisfy our customer's needs, so please let us know if we can be of service to you.

PLEASE NOTE: We have updated our names for easier identification, moving away from European appellations and moving more toward their actual uses. This change is only to the names; the product ID numbers and the strains themselves (along with their fermentation profiles and properties) will remain exactly the same. The names for our cider, mead, and malo lactic cultures are not affected.


Malo-Lactic Cultures

A liquid suspension of Oenococcus oeni grown in a sterile organic juice based nutrient enriched medium. This product will provide rapid and complete malic acid reduction in high acid wines.

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100% Pure Liquid Yeast Culture

A liquid suspension of yeast grown in a sterile organic juice based nutrient enriched medium.

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Wyeast Nutrient Blend

Wyeast nutrient is a blend of vitamins, minerals, inorganic nitrogen, organic nitrogen, zinc, phosphates and other trace elements that will benefit yeast growth and complete fermentation.

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