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STYLE: Other Specialty Cider or Perry

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This is an open-ended category for cider or perry with other adjuncts such that it does not fit any of the categories above. This includes the use of spices and/or other sweeteners. A cider with added honey may be entered here if the cider character remains dominant. Otherwise it should be entered as mead in the cyser sub-category. Aroma/

Flavor: The cider character must always be present, and must fit with adjuncts.

Appearance: Clear to brilliant. Color should be that of a common cider unless adjuncts are expected to contribute color.

Mouthfeel: Average body, may show tannic (astringent) or heavy body as determined by adjuncts.

Wyeast Strains:
   4267 - Summation Red™
   4766 - Cider™
   4783 - Sweet White™

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