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Customer Testimonials

We are proud to offer the following testimonials about our products.  Please let us know if you have a story or testimonial you would like to share, and we will post it on our website.

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#3711 - Phenomenal Product

Submitted by: Paul, L
Just some feedback on the 3711 strain that you provided us , that strain produced a phenomenal product and the flavour profile was outstanding. The beer we produced is called Deckhand Belgian Saison and was very highly rated by knowledgeable beer people. Thank you!


A year later!

Submitted by: Duke
Well nearly a year after last year's "Cheers to Belgian Beers" festival, I still had a smack pack of 3724 Farmhouse Ale yeast. To be quite honest, after almost a year since I bought it, I wasn't sure how viable it would be even though it's been kept at 34ºF in my garage fridge. Well, I made a starter and pitched it. Put it on the stir plate and left it for 48 hours. Last night I pitched it into a spiced Saison I decided to make with it, and SIX hours after pitching, that beer is off to the races. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Thanks Wyeast.

Saved the Day!

Submitted by: Jeff K
It was one of those days brewing where it seemed everything went wrong. After finishing a gruling 10 gallon all grain batch that I split into a bavarian lager and a dryhopped ipa I finally had time to look at my yeast pack. It was dated 17nov08!!! ARRR I though it will never work, considering it was oct 19,09. I tried it anyway and within two days it was bubbling away. I am very very impressed with the propagator packs and the strength of your yeast cultures.
Thank you for saving the day.
ps it was 2206 bavarian lager yeast.

Amazing Product!

Submitted by: Joel B
I want to thank you for an amazing product! I have been homebrewing for 5 years now with the last three being all grain and I have always used liquid yeast from another supplier. I have been making yeast starters for the past 41/2 years because I kept having problems with fermentation beginning. I have questioned my Homebrew store constantly about this and the way they take care of their yeast and they keep assuring me that I must be doing something wrong. I use them exclusively because they are only a 2 day ship from me and they have extensive supplies.

So, I went back and pulled my recipe binder out for the past five years and started to count up how many failures to start I had. It averages out that every sixth purchase of yeast, has failed to start in a 1.040 O.G. starter. I have had to keep a pretty extensive supply of dry yeast on hand because I never know when I am going to need it!

I just recently started using Wyeast and I am amazed! It is fool proof! When I slap the activator pack and come back in a few hours to see the pack swelled up, I know the yeast is good. I still dump it over into a starter (old habits are hard to break) because a lot of my beers are over 1.060. Since using your yeast along with my starter, fermentating has been starting, on the average, in about 31/2 hours. Again, amazing! Thanks again for an awesome product.

By the way, do you all know of anybody needing some dry yeast because I have a feeling I won't be needing it anymore. In fact, in the batch that I just brewed yesterday fermentation took off so fast and violent that it blew my airlock out.


Yeast of Choice

Submitted by: Mark G
Wyeast has been my yeast of choice for several years. It’s the freshest yeast I can get and the smack pack always verifies its viability before I make my yeast starter. I’ve found that several of the Wyeast strains simply out perform their competition. My favorite Wyeast Strain is the Weihenstephan Weizen.

Strong Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy)

20lbs Golden Promise (Maris Otter will also do)
1lb Crystal 40L
8oz Crystal 120L
8oz Munich malt
8oz Honey malt
4oz Biscuit malt
1oz Carafa II

Mash 60min at 156°F. Mash out at 168°F for 10min.

Boil for 90min with the following addition(s):
60min: 28IBUs East Kent Goldings
10min: Wyeast Yeast Nutrient and Whirlfloc

Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale – Pitch a large (1gal) starter or better yet the slurry from a batch of Scottish 60/- or 70/-. Ferment at 65°F.

OG: 1.100 (65% efficiency)
FG: 1.030

Mark Garwatoski
Apex, NC

Happy with Activators!

Hello Candy,

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the Activator packs from you. Our customers are less hesitant to buy liquid yeast when the starter is right in the bag and so easy. My customers are happy we changed from (another supplier) to Wyeast and so are we.
Lisa Pouillie

Midstate Fermenters, LLC
1425 Wis. Dells Pkwy, #7
Wis. Dells, WI 53965

These people get it right!

Submitted by: Ken
2 hour lag times (sometimes less), clean crisp flavours, versatility of styles and/or strains, and the credit for my overall success as a brewer; i laud, commend, and thank you.
i appreciate your wide variety of strains, but am still amazed by some of my personal favorites; 1275, and the simple, yet truly astounding and proven 1007. If I was stranded on the proverbial desert island, with only 1 choice of yeast to brew with, it would be 1007. It would make anything a person could find fermentable, taste great! heehee!!
The fact that the dry yeast industry is still in business puzzles me, account you fine people have taken the art to ethereal heights of purity and quality. None finer.
Now, after disattaching myself from your kissing your posteriors, I implore all brewers to understand that 90+% of doing it right, is yeast viability, and these people get it right, to the Nth degree.
Peace, Love, Tranquility;

Great Tech Support

Submitted by: Darron W
“Yeast from Wyeast is very reliable: clean, pure, high viability, and consistent in its flavor profile. Besides that, however, is the customer support. If I have a low pitch rate, or a viability issue, or any sort of question or problem, the folks at Wyeast start helping to solve the problem instead of giving me the run-around or some kind of a knee-jerk defensive answer. When I need to solve a problem, I don't need a mini-lecture over the phone about whether or not I know how to do a cell count or test for viability. The folks at Wyeast are there to help and treat me with courtesy and professional respect. Wyeast is now my only yeast supplier.”
Darron Welch- Award Winning Brewmaster- Pelican Pub and Brewery, Pacific City, Oregon,

Submitted by: Steve W
I used the 3725 Bier De Garde Special Strain in August 2006 to make a Belgian style ale. The beginning gravity was 1.072 and the final gravity finished out at 1.002!!! 97% attenuation! Awesome yeast and the Belgian beer was great. Since it was a special strain and no longer available, I saved about 2 cups to use in a future batch.
Well, time flew by and my saved 3725 yeast lay dormant in the refridgerater until August 2007 when I brewed another Belgian style ale. I decided to give 3725 a try but just in case it was gone forever, I had another yeast standing by in reserve. Within 24 hours, the 3725 yeast took off and finished again with around a 90% attenuation! The Belgian is once again superb.

I am so impressed with this yeast. I have not seen any yeast perform like it and encourage Wyeast to produce it again so I can replace my aging supply.

Great job.

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