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Wine Makers

Vintner's Choice Products

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. revolutionized the winemaking industry in 1986 by introducing Pure Liquid Yeast Cultures to home and commercial wineries. For over 25 years Wyeast has provided professional and home vintners with the means to ferment wines of unequaled quality and expression. Our Vintner’s Choice line provides a full range of yeast strains, malolactic bacteria, and nutrients to fit the specific needs of your must and winery.

We have updated our names for easier identification, moving away from European appellations and moving more toward their actual uses. This change is only to the names; the product ID numbers and the strains themselves (along with their fermentation profiles and properties) will remain exactly the same. Please note the names for our cider, mead, and malo lactic cultures are not affected.

Direct Pitch Activator™

70 Billion Yeast Cells - The Direct Pitch ACTIVATOR™ contains Pure Liquid Yeast plus an internal nutrient packet. This Wyeast Smack-pack™ system allows yeast metabolism to begin prior to inoculation as well as providing proof of yeast health. Our ACTIVATOR™ is designed to inoculate up to 6 gallons of must, juice, wort or seed mash.

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Malolactic Cultures

Oenococcus oeni culture blend (ER1A & Ey2d) -
Wyeast Laboratories exclusive blend of Oenococcus oeni, provides rapid and complete malic acid to lactic acid conversion. Reducing the malic acid will balance and soften wine while enhancing flavor and aroma characteristics such as vanilla and buttery notes. Our blend of fresh liquid cultures performs well at a pH of 2.9 or greater and at cellar temperatures as low as 55°F (13°C). Free SO2 levels should be less than 15ppm. This package is designed to directly inoculate up to 6 gallons of wine or must that has completed or nearly completed alcoholic fermentation.

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Wyeast Nutrient Blend

Wyeast Nutrient for wine: Supplemental nutrients for propagation and winemaking. Designed for addition to your juice or must.

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