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Start your own brewing traditions!
Available January through March 2009

Brewing high gravity beer is a long standing European tradition, and Wyeast is making it possible for you to create and brew your own. Whether you are looking to brew an extremely rich malty brew with a powerful bouquet or a winter warmer with malty sweetness and complexity, our High Gravity Private Collection™ will provide you with the most critical tool to make it possible.

These brews will take a little more preparation, demand more effort and require more patience but the benefits are amazing!  So, settle in this winter season with your favorite brewing resources and prepare yourself for a truly Big Brew experience. We hope you find our Private Collection truly rewarding!

This collection of special blends has been developed at Wyeast by our dedicated brewing wizards. Please give them a warm toast as your senses explode!

Wyeast 9093-PC Imperial Blend
Beer Styles:
American Barleywine, Imperial IPA, Imperial Red, Imperial Brown, Imperial Porter, Russian Imperial Stout

Profile: This unique blend of strains is designed to ferment higher gravity worts used in producing any style of Imperial beer. The results will be a rich, malty, full bodied beer with notes of citrus & fruity esters. Even with a high starting gravity your Imperials will have a relatively dry finish.

Alc. Tolerance             12-14%
Flocculation                low-medium
Attenuation                 75-80%      
Temperature Range     68-75°F (20-24°C)

Wyeast 9097-PC Old Ale Blend
Beer Styles:
English Barleywine, English Strong Ale, Old Ale
Profile: To bring you a bit of English brewing heritage we developed the “Old Ale” blend, including an attenuative ale strain and a Brettanomyces strain, which will ferment well in dark worts and produce beers with nice fruitiness. Complex estery characters will emerge with age. Pie cherry and sourness will evolve from the Brettanomyces along with distinct horsey characteristics.

Alc. Tolerance             12%
Flocculation                medium
Attenuation                 75-80%
Temperature Range     68-75°F (20-24°C)

Wyeast 3864-PC Canadian/Belgian Ale
Beer Styles:
Belgian Dubbel and Tripel, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Golden Strong, Biere de Garde, Witbier
Profile: This strain has a classic profile producing mild phenolics which increase with higher fermentation temperatures. It has a low ester profile with a dry, slightly tart finish. This strain is alcohol tolerant while producing complex & well balanced beers.

Alc. Tolerance             12%
Flocculation                medium
Attenuation                 75-79%
Temperature Range     65-80°F (18-27°C)

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