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Highest Achievement Award for Wyeast Packaging

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March 21, 2007

Hood River, Oregon –

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.™ has been presented the Highest Achievement Award for its Activator™ pure liquid yeast retail package for home brewers and winemakers by the Flexible Packaging Association. Gold Awards were awarded to Wyeast in the categories Packaging Excellence and Technical Innovation. The Highest Achievement Award is given to the Gold Award winner ranked by the judges as having contributed most to the advancement of the industry.

Wyeast updated its Activator™ and Propagator™ Smack Pack™ packages in early 2006. Superior UV light and oxygen barrier materials are used in producing the packages.  The Activator™ packages contain a volume and cell count of yeast adequate for direct pitching to the typical 5 gallon batch of home brew. Activation by use of the Smack Pack™ technology is beneficial to aseptically “jump start” the metabolism of the yeast within, and to verify viability.

The members of the Flexible Packaging Association produce flexible packaging for retail and institutional food and non-food, medical and pharmaceutical markets, and industrial applications. Winning packages and competition entries of FPA’s 2007 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards underscore how advancements in materials, production, design and printing continue to provide outstanding packaging solutions for a wide variety of products. The 2007 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Winners were announced on February 28.

Wyeast pure liquid yeast products are available to home brew retailers world-wide via direct wholesale sales from Wyeast and through its network of distributors.

About Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.:
Wyeast was founded in 1986 by David Logsdon and Jeannette Kreft-Logsdon. Innovative packaging, an ever-expanding array of liquid yeast cultures for brewing and wine making, and technological advancement of the craft brewing industry and home beer and winemaking hobbies have been the hallmark contributions of this company.  Jeannette Kreft-Logsdon is CEO/General Manager of Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.

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