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New Activator Packaging

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January 31, 2011

We hope you have been enjoying the Winter release of our Private Collection strains: Helle Bock, Bier de Garde and the Trappist Blend.  While enjoying the  warming effect of these rich, malty, spicy, flavorful winter beers during this long cold season in the beautiful Northwest, we developed a new look.  Beginning this week, you will see a new image on our packaging, which represents our fresh, pure cultures from the crystal clean waters of Mt. Hood.  On the reverse side you will notice minor changes in the directions, mostly assuring that the package can be used immediately after activating to take advantage of the nutrients.
As you have probably experienced, changing over to new packaging, product line, or marketing materials is next to impossible to accomplish overnight.  Initially there will be a mix of old with new but we assure you the product within is exactly the same.  We have also updated our ads in magazines and new promotional material is on its way. Yes, the posters are almost ready for the press!  Yeah! 
Also, very important but known by few, is the meaning and pronunciation of our name,  "Wyeast" (pronounced why-east) which is derived  from a Klickitat Indian legend  that relates  to the origins of the geography of the Pacific Northwest to a tragic love triangle involving chief of the Klickitat, chief of Wy'east and the maiden Loo-wit, over whom the chiefs quarreled. This quarrel grew so fierce that the Great Spirit had to intervene, 2011 Wyeast Winter Press Releasedestroying the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia and turning Loo-wit into Mount St. Helens, Klickitat into Mt. Adams, and Wy'east into Mount Hood, the peak that dominates Hood River’s southern horizon and gives us our sense of place.  The Great Spirit has also been good to us at Wyeast Laboratories and has given us our place in the fermentation industry.  We feel like we are on top of the world serving each and every customer with products for making beer, wine, cider, sake and any other imaginable fermented products. 
Wyeast is always interested in your comments and feed back in regards to the yeast strains that we provide.  If you would like to share a story, experience or make a request for a new yeast strain, please visit and submit through the FAQ link.  Wyeast appreciates your input and will take all of your requests into consideration. 
Founded in 1986, Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Pure Liquid Yeast Cultures™.  Over the years the company has expanded their culture collection available in the Activator package, better known as the Smack-Pack™.  This unique package provides protection to help insure yeast viability, vitality and proof of an active culture prior to pitching.  It is the company’s goal to provide reliability, purity and the best fresh yeast selection to breweries and home fermenters worldwide.
Cheers and many happy ferments,
From all of us at Wyeast Laboratories

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