Pure Liquid Yeast - Commercial Brewing

Guaranteed fresh & pure.  For over 30 years, Wyeast has been the preferred supplier of craft brewers worldwide because of our:

All Wyeast ale and lager cultures are packaged at 1.2 billion viable cells/mL.

Quality Control
All cultures meet or exceed Wyeast’s strict quality standards prior to shipment.

Cell counts for each pitch are the same every time you order, guaranteed.

Our staff of expert microbiologists.


Saccharomyces Commercial Brewing Cultures

Viable Cell Count: 1.20 x 10^9 cells/mL*

Purity: Single Morphology

Culture Density: 1.10 g/mL

Total anaerobic bacteria: <1.0 cfu/ 7.5x10^7 cells*

Total aerobic bacteria: <1.0 cfu/ 7.5x10^7 cells*

Wild yeast & mold: <1.0 cfu/ 7.5x10^7 cells*

Absolute freshness is guaranteed when you order Wyeast 100% Premium Liquid Yeast & Cultures. Depending on the volume ordered, many strains are available with only a few days’ lead time or can be produced and delivered within 14 days of your order date. Proprietary strains and off-season Private Collection strains can be ready in as little as 21 days. All yeast concentrates are guaranteed to have viable cell counts of 1.2 x 10^9 (1.2 Billion) cells/mL. Please contact us for up-to-date pricing or with questions. 

Available from 1 liter and up to suit your brewhouse, batch, gravity and style.

Suggested Quantities for Direct Pitch:
Ales <15°P (1.060 S.G.):  0.5 liter per BBL
Lagers  <15°P (1.060 S.G.) cold fermentation:1 liter per BBL