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Retail / Wholesale

At Wyeast, our goal is to provide the freshest and best selection of yeast to you for your customer's brewing and winemaking success. The yeast strains we have selected for our product line are those that we have determined to be the most effective for sale and distribution in retail packaging.

Our retail product packaging provides a superior oxygen barrier and UV protection to help insure yeast viability and vitality.  Our staff of microbiologists are brewers and winemakers and they are always available to provide technical support.

The minimum order is 24 packages of yeast and lactic cultures.

With four box sizes to choose from, cargo space will be maximized and shipping costs reduced. Available box sizes are as follows:

Box B will hold up to 30 Activators - Box C will hold up to 60 Activators - Box D will hold up to 90 Activators - Box E will hold up to 120 Activators.

Please call us at 541-354-1335. We are looking forward to providing you with a great product, superior customer service and un-matched technical support.

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