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Wyeast 1203-PC Burton IPA Blend™

Beer Styles: Traditional and Historical English IPA, English Pale Ale, English Bitter styles, Robust Porter, Foreign Stouts.
Profile: The revival of interest in historic and classic English IPA styles calls for a specialized yeast – this blend highlights hop bitterness and aroma while still allowing full expression of authentic water profiles and pale malts. Low to moderate ester level can be manipulated through fermentation temperature and pitching rate. Palate finish is typically neutral to mildly fruity with some maltiness. Good flocculation characteristics make this an excellent candidate for cask conditioning.
Alc. Tolerance         10% ABV
Flocculation             med-high
Attenuation             71-74%
Temp. Range           64-74°F (18-23°C)
Wyeast 2002-PC Gambrinus Lager™

Beer Styles: Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Lager, Dortmunder, Classic American Pilsner, Premium American Lager, Doppelbock, Dark American Lager, Traditional Bock, Schwarzbier

Profile: Czech-style lager strain with very mild floral aroma, nice lager character in nose. Malt dominates profile with subtle floral/fruit notes. Full,complex flavor profile with full mouth feel. Finishes soft and smooth with nice lingering maltiness.

Alc. Tolerance            9% ABV  
Flocculation               medium-high
Attenuation                71-75%             
Temp. Range              46-56°F (8-13°C)
Wyeast 3864-PC Canadian/Belgian Ale™

Beer Styles: Belgian Dubbel and Tripel, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Golden Strong, Biere de Garde, Witbier

Profile: This alcohol tolerant strain produces complex and well-balanced Belgian Abbey style ales. Banana and fruit esters are complemented nicely with mild levels of phenolics and hints of acidity. Ester levels may be elevated by increasing gravity and fermentation temperatures.

Alc. Tolerance           12% ABV
Flocculation              medium
Attenuation               75-79%
Temp. Range             65-80°F (18-27°C)

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