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About Us

Owner and President Jeannette Kreft-Logsdon founded Wyeast Laboratories Inc. in 1986 with the goal of providing the fledgling American craft brewing industry with the ultimate in pure liquid yeast cultures. Today, Wyeast is a worldwide leader in the fermentation industry and the foremost laboratory serving craft brewers everywhere.

Wyeast Laboratories Inc. is based in the Cascade Range along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, near Hood River, Oregon. Our facility overlooks scenic Mt. Hood, and hosts our laboratory, production and administrative offices. The mountain is our corporate symbol - reflecting our passion for our work, the purity of our product, and the enduring commitment to our customers.

About Our Name

“Wyeast” was the name given to Mt. Hood by the native people. According to legend, two brothers were locked in battle for the affections of the beautiful maiden, Loowit. The battle became so fierce that the Great Spirit intervened and turned Loowit into Mt. Saint Helens, and the brothers Klickitat and Wyeast into Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.

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