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Sake Makers

Sake Makers

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. produces one strain of Pure Liquid Yeast™ suitable for the production of sake.  Since rice is deficient in nutrients essential to proper yeast cell growth and metabolism, additional Wyeast Vintner’s Choice Nutrient Blend is recommended. Award-winning home and professional sake makers have discovered the “Pure Liquid Yeast Difference™" in the flavor, aroma and overall quality of their beverages.


Direct Pitch Activator™

70 Billion Yeast Cells - The Direct Pitch ACTIVATOR™ contains Pure Liquid Yeast plus an internal nutrient packet. This Wyeast Smack-pack™ system allows yeast metabolism to begin prior to inoculation as well as providing proof of yeast health. Our ACTIVATOR™ is designed to inoculate up to 6 gallons of must, juice, wort or seed mash.

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