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Home Brewing

Direct Pitch Activator™

100 Billion Yeast Cells - The Direct Pitch ACTIVATOR™ contains Pure Liquid Yeast plus an internal nutrient packet. This Wyeast Smack-pack™ system allows yeast metabolism to begin prior to inoculation as well as providing proof of yeast health. Our ACTIVATOR™ is designed to inoculate 5 gallons of ale wort below OG 1.060 with the same pitch rates we recommend for professional brewers.

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Brettanomyces and Lactic Acid Bacteria Cultures

Brettanomyces and Lactic Acid Bacteria cultures are designed for direct inoculation of 5 gallons wort or beer.

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Wyeast Nutrient Blend

Brewer's Choice™ Nutrient for Beer: Supplemental nutrients for propagating yeast and brewing. Designed for addition to your starter or wort

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